The Prisoner Express program, sponsored by the Durland Alternatives Library, promotes rehabilitation by offering inmates information, education and the opportunity for creative self-expression in a public forum. Participation in this program fosters self-exploration, enrichment and knowledge. The Durland Alternatives Library has a number of ongoing programs as parts of its Prisoners Express project. Read more


The Summer 2016 newsletter (PDF) is now available, with all the latest news about the Prisoner Express program, and the latest writings and artwork by prisoners.


Writing Projects

Read the latest Themes, Essays, Poetry, Testimonials, Journals and other prisoner writings.

Writing provides a great tool for introspection and expression. We encourage prisoner self-expression through a variety of writing projects. Every month Prisoner Express suggests a writing topic for the participants in the theme essay program. Another mode of expression is found in the Journal Project, where prisoners are invited to keep a journal which is sent to us for publishing on the web site.

Poetry Anthology

Volume Sixteen (Summer 2016) of the Poetry Anthology is now available.



Prisoner Express began as a program for sending books to incarcerated individuals throughout the United States. This is still the largest part of our program. Each month, hundreds of packages are prepared by volunteers for mailing. Prisoners can specify the types of books they are interested and we fulfill these requests to the best of our ability. We are always looking for donations of books as well as donations of money for postage.

Other Projects

Currently, Prisoner Express coordinates a pen pal program, distance learning programs, as well as a prisoner art program. Through a generous grant and the help of an enthusiastic volunteer, a distance learning program on World History has just started. Other distance learning programs include a Human Development module developed by a Pittsburgh teacher, a US History reading group (reading Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States), and a Math Education module developed by an associate professor at Ithaca College.


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