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Essay: "Compassion"

Barconey, Illinois Compassion Never Dies

'Sympathetic concern for the suffering of another, together with inclination to give and or support or to show mercy'; that is one dictionary definition of compassion. The word mercy used in this definition sparked an off-keyed impulse to my better judgment. Mercy is defined as refraining from inflicting punishment or pain on an offender or enemy. As a child, even until now, I watched Hollywood's portrayal of the condemned receiving last prayers before death take its toll. The members of the ministry/priesthood were always certain to say, "May God have mercy on your soul." In ou personal lives we demonstrate profound compassion towards our loved ones, especially when they are young. This compassion never dies; even in their adult years. Practicing the 'tough love' theory when one of our loved ones becomes stricken by evil, destructive habits, compassion somehow remains in our hearts.

I always wondered how in the world compassion and mercy became involved in the systematic pronouncement of death during judicial proceedings. Even more so, during the Catholic Inquisition, Michael Servutus was condemned to death, burnt at the stake in Geneva, Switzerland on October 27, 1553. Two men whom are praised in history for acquiring this rare gift of compassion: Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The latter was murdered during years of racial turbulence. One needs only to reminisce the recorded life of Jesus. Compassion is no different from anything else. In today's world there is no right or wrong. Everything is brought for a price $$$.

We are living in times today when displayed acts of compassion seem only a misnomer in disguise. On a larger scale, the institutions of Church, education, science, and don't forget government diabolically proliferate mercy to an extent that every act of compassion must be regulated by these institutions.

Nothing comes easy anymore, with that said, it's not the time or place for me to express my innermost sentimental views on this topic. He/She who has a compassionate heart will always express themselves honestly. Their actions will speak louder than words. From every corner of the world praise will be given to a great leader.