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Essay: "Compassion"

by Michael Garza
Fabled Glory

Who can tell me about compassion? This is the gospel I've never known. A hidden feeling I've never shown. As we all hope for impossible possibilities, I can never give in to the death of your faith. What you doubt, I believe and what you forsake, I await.

Can compassion be more than the swirling nebula that decorates the universe? An abstract idea tucked inside your infinite mind? Is it merely a languid tug of humanity's conscience or is it like the rarest of stones, when found so glorious to behold? Yes, teach me about this fabled glory of compassion! I'm falling through the abyss of misfortune and my heart beats as slow as time moves. My blood carries with it the distant particles of ionic memories beyond earth. This mystery of the union of spirit compels me. We have all been each other before.