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Essay: "Compassion"

Hated and Loved

Compassion: a word that's sought and, at the same time, hated, depending on the person or situation. Some compassion is needed when a friend loses a loved one or a broken heart has taken place. I feel like compassion can be overdone and make a person feel worse than he or she is already feeling. In some situations, compassion brings aggravation. For instance, take a person who has been doing things on their own, when they are sick, because no one is there to look after them, but then as soon as a visitor tries to help the sick person in anyway, he or she gets an attitude or snaps at the helper because he or she may think that the person is trying to help out of pity, instead of being helpful. In a way, I can see where the anger is coming from. But, in another way, I can't see why the person would react like that, not knowing or trying to find out the real reason for that person assisting him or her. Whether the help comes from pity or being kind, the sick person chooses not to care, since his or her mind is already made up, that the only reason anyone would want to help is out of compassion. I am quite sure, we all know someone like that or been around someone like that. Where I'm from, we call it 'Stuck in their ways,' meaning you can't tell that person nothingthat will make that person change their ways or get them to see your opinion or where you are coming from. I also feel like compassion has its limits, just like kindness. As I myself now see it, compassion is a double blade ax, that could get you cut down and cause pain on one side, or it could be a comfortable and soothing tool, for a person's need.