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Essay: "Compassion"

Compassion is Unconditional

I have read a lot about compassion in the eastern paths to the source. It never fails, you can read all you want to, but just like reading the Bible doesn't make you a Christian neither does reading about compassion makes you compassionate. Of course, first you must study what compassion is and is not. A good way to do this is read some of the books on Buddhism. There are quite a few traditions of Buddhism in which you can read pure land Zen, and Tibetan are ones I am familiar with. Once you have done that, I believe you should employ some kind of meditation to aid your understanding of compassion. If indeed you feel you understand, it is now time to practice it. Compassion is unconditional. Just because you don't particularly like someone is no reason to take them for granted. Compassion must be exemplified to all; you cannot let your ego get in the way of helping others. Compassion goes hand in hand with interdependence. If you believe in this concept then being compassionate should come natural. On a personal level, I strive to be compassionate. Seven years ago I did not show hardly any compassion, because I was preoccupied pleasing myself. It is nearly impossible to be compassionate when you are doing things for no one but yourself. By no means am I perfect, being human automatically make you fallible. I do make an attempt, but will admit I still have a way to go. I will continue to progress, but I know self mastery takes some time. Well, I have more re-incarnations to work on it.