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Essay: "Compassion"

Henson, Elzie Reason He Gave His Life

Compassion, in my eyes, is a yearning and an understanding that people have to show love, peace, good-will, and kindness toward one another. It is the "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" way of thinking. Once we learn to have the understanding to start caring for one another and stop trying to steal and take from each other what belongs to the next one, then we can begin to help each other and show some compassion and express love to one another. In order for us to be able to show compassion for someone else, first we have to be able to love oneself. I try to show compassion for others around me, but it is not always easy. People being full of hate can only cause more 'hate'. People continue to be afraid of the feelings from deep within. Stop pointing fingers, stop the selfishness and start caring for ones, other than ourselves. Be Christ-like and let's not forget the very reason he gave his life for us--compassion.