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Essay: "Compassion"

Kinney, Joe Sympathy in Action

Compassion is born when a need prompts caring action to meet that need. Compassion is not merely being concerned for another, as sympathy is, but rather, it takes sympathy and puts it into action, showing the concern that sympathy feels. Seeing the need of another, who is suffering, who may have lost a loved one, or may just be deeply troubled, and then being compelled to act in a way that brings comfort to ease the wound, this is how compassion demonstrates its power.

Because compassion is one of the most powerful forces on Earth, being fueled with love, and supported with respect, it can serve to heal the body, mind, spirit and emotion. It can breach the barrier of religious affiliation, social status, un-forgiveness, hurt, and despair. It can bridge the gap between the rich and the homeless, the prisoner and the free, and the hopeless and those filled with hope. It gives us the power to overcome the issues of life which cripple us and bind us with the chains of failure. When we allow compassion to motivate us to action, we allow our lives to be used to open doors of opportunity for miracles to be seen, heard, and experienced every day. It will prevent us from being critical or judgmental, and it will help us to be more forgiving, and more understanding. It allows us to take the focus off of ourselves and to see with more clarity the needs around us, and then it spurs us into action to help where we can, and at the same time, it allows others to see our own needs and to help where they are able.

So it is; if the selfless, life-changing power of compassion is allowed, it can nurture the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of every creature it touches. It could, in effect, replace sorrow with comfort, selfishness with love, failure with success and ignorance with understanding. Once again; compassion, being fueled with love, and strengthened with respect could reshape the world as we know it, today.

May our world see more Compassion from its people even if it has to begin with me!