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Essay: "Compassion"

by Keith Reese
That Angel

Pandora is a universally known name to us. She was the courier of the box to be delivered to Epimetheus. That box contained world troubles and sin. A jewel of mankind co-existed in that box with those myriad evils. Hope! If so, then hope is the mother of compassion. In a world replete with anger and hatred, we are blessed that an angel called compassion visits mankind. Her works are rare in the Hades we call the world. She is rarely spoken of, yet we need her most of all the angels. Somewhere in the ethereal heavens, she waits for mankind's call. Because we've ignored her, she cries like Niobe. God has given her power over hatred, anger and strife. Celestial legend holds that she can stay the wrath of God. She pursues Death daily, sometimes thwarting his agency. Human history shows that we have called on gods of strife,vengeance and war. Not once have we called on her name: compassion! A man once saw her on a battlefield, her majestic wings blocked out the sun. Hundreds lived because of her that day. Satan has tried to obliterate her from the Earth. Like God she is eternal. Alas! She is numbering the good of mankind and one day will escort us to the palace of God. The children of Fatima have seen her, how she glowed with good and love. Even a man as I, of former dark ways, will be taken in her embrace. To change is to become a child of compassion. No! I won't be a part of the anger and hatred in this world. I choose to go with compassion.