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Essay: "Compassion"

by David Snyder
Compassion Means one word: HUMAN

Being human is being kind, understanding, compromising, helpful, loyal, and honest. It is not vengeful, malicious, hate for no reason, unnecessary violence, despotic, greedy, abusive, and/or cruel. There is little human in prison and even less among prisoners. The second is a mother load: from prisoner to civilian. The rare prisoner doesn't act out of the second. Civilians are much better. Officers? Hard to define. It's a "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" kind of thing. The Good are stern but help you and work with you. The Bad will flex muscle to troublemakers or one who voices their opinions. The Ugly are like WWII Nazis. Harsh, I know, but true. These are the ones who treat us like shit and know it, enjoy it and will retaliate under 'security, policy, procedure'. They know it is wrong and essentially we can do nothing. These are the kiss-my-ass, lick-my-boot and shut-up-or-your-ass-is-mine officers. I've seen all three and none are unique to one facility.

We are prisoners, criminals, so we have no compassion, never did, never will and deserve none. To the system we are not people, human or redeemable. We are the lost and dregs. All the new and harsher laws pretty much confirm it. Prison has little compassion. What I see/hear/read of the news, you're not doing much better out there, thanks to Bush, Homeland Security, politicians, etc. This will sound extreme, but, unfortunately, it's true. And not enough people are aware of it, while others just ignore it. Bush is resurrecting Nazism. It's 'Bushism" or 'Neo-Nazism' under the terrorist threat, safety or democracy, yadda-yadda. Please don't insult me by sugar coating the 'justice' system and everything connected to it. I won't insult you in return.

Anyone who goes to prison loses some or all their compassion. It's undeniable. You do and you are blind, idiot, or both. I go to first board August 15. I know absolutely they will have none for me and I will be screwed. My pain and violations are moot because I am a 'justly convicted criminal'. Let them walk in my shoe for seven years and see if they still say I don't deserve compassion.

P.S. New York's 'compassion' for release is $40, bus ticket, and where are you going to live, provided they let you.