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Essay: "Courage"

by Lever Chung
It takes a lot of courage to be an independent thinker. To watch what everyone else is doing and do what's completely opposite. Being creative around those that mimic. Laughing because Gestapo like goggles inspect your wrist and Achilles. Where am I gonna twist magic with a slight flick of wrist and fingersâ€"where does he get this ambition from? I found out that it takes courage to be myself wholeheartedly and not play catch up. To meet new challenges at the spur of the moment. Quick wit. Just surviving internal wars and checkmate issues to be dealt with. Honing fire in the heart when everyone's extinguished, remaining cool as the cones under Antarctica's smooth spacious carpet when hot tempers flare. Just knowing that is there and when needed I take it up a notch like never before. Prevail again…so I sail like Nautica yachts in the wind. You have to be born with a strong quality as this. Courage to face the unknown. Can't lie as if I never feared anything…but being equipped with courage I dominated and didn't let it slip into my spirit to cripple me.

I had the courage to listen in depth with my corneas and visualize javelin sounds which brushed cochlea. To survive in worlds within worlds, courage is essential. This is what motivates one to push further, to accelerate, when I learned to be open minded and broadened my interests; I reached a level of maturity, growth and still growing. Courage empowered me to educate myself and stimulate other winds so we elevate to different degree in life. This is what gives me the strength to keep going when the scenery is bleak. I hope I can awake that tiny wick inside of the reader and keep is aflame. Paz!