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Essay: "Courage"

Where does courage come from? Why does it only come out when a person is afraid or danger is somewhere near? It seems like courage is a special feeling that only comes out when it's a must. Courage is something we need in life to overcome situations, events, etc. A person doesn't have to be brave, so to speak, to have courage. For instance, like going into a burning building to save someone, or anything dealing with risking one's life to save another. To have courage can be standing up to a person that's been bullying you, even though that person might still get beat up, for studding up. But it took courage to do that. Courage can also be seen as standing on your own and what you believe in. Whether it's disagreeing with your parents or whomever, if you never did that before when they're wrong. It's a feeling that makes a person want to be proud of themselves, once that inner strength surfaces. I guess courage brings out the animal or "super" ability, so to speak, to make a person do rational things. But some people use drugs and alcohol to bring out their courage instead of fear. But is it really any different, between substance and fear? Either way, your summoning something that's hidden. Courage, the hidden power behind fear.