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Essay: "Courage"

by James E. Rowley
When once a young lad, I found out that I was a Leo. This sign represents the lion, by which we have been told has the most courage than any other animal or sign. I relied on this courage I was supposed to have in ways that made me out to be a fool. The abuse of this lack of fear was doing things that a normal person would turn with fear and shame in even thinking about â€" speeding at speed of 140 miles per hours on an interstate while tripping on acid (LSD), trying to go faster believing that you’re going to take off like a plane and fly in the sky. Sometimes I really thought I was in the sky.

Courage when used as a defense against fear in doing a criminal act is an abuse of a special gift given to us by our own birth. Today I use courage in taking on tasks that I feel I cannot do or a course in college I believe is impossible to pass, such as math. I find that when we use our special sign in a positive fashion, we shine with knowledge and the even greater aspects of love.