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Essay: "Food"

There is only one easily discerned goal of the prison food purchasing agent: the less it costs, the more he buys. The long term health consequences of sneaking condemned meat products into prisoners' diets are not even considered. Prisoner farming bureaucracies are solely concerned with short term profits (and kickbacks) and budget savings. Any of the food budget that is saved is shifted to more important areas such as seminars and 'training' junkets for administrative and security personnel, guard parties and new toys for elite groups such as the 'cell extraction' teams. Bureaucrats commonly get promotions and perks for their creative starving of captives.

When prisoncrats hit upon aspecially made main course, such as extremely cheap ground guts concealed in a breaded husk under gravy, which the captives won't or can't eat, they learn this fact quickly. Each prisoner has to register his receipt of a meal by having his barcode scanned. Thus the prisoncrats ('kops', for short) instantly know how many captives didn't even show up to eat their 'vita-pro' (This is a Canadian meat invention sprang on unsuspecting American prison buying agents in the 90's that wasted millions and millions of taxpayers dollars in TX, OK, OR, FL, IL, and CA prisons). When nobody eats the crap that the state serves, they eat the junk food that the state lets them buy, instead. A large cut of everything we captives buy goes to the Kops themselves so, every time they serve inedible garbage, they save their food budget and make fabulous profits on their junk food sales. Hence, whenever they find something that qualifies as food that the captives won't eat, they tend to serve a lot of it. Intelligent, politically active captives can't get this garbage disqualified as food because the mail-Kops within these slow-death camps catch it every time we try to smuggle out samples of toxic main dishes to university labs to analyze for specific poisons per gram. The state health departments, being divisions of the states, not only refuse to help, but also snitch off our efforts to obtain edible food to the prisoncrats who are forcing the poorer of us to eat tainted food-like substances. The state 'health' departments even refuse to count the number of cases of colon, stomach, esophageal, liver and bladder cancers we captives get and compare incidence to the national average. This clever behavior preserves their 'plausible deniability' in case they ever get caught. The second most common reason for digestive disorders is from eating too much poisonous 'meat' substances such as bolognas, salamis, and ground up waste meats famous for containing carcinogens such as nitrosamines (esophageal and stomach cancers), poisons for keeping botulism bacteria at bay (sodium nitrite-caused digestive cancers), growth hormones (Leukemia, sarcomas and other cancers), and antibiotics which create super bacterial infections (H-51 E. coli, flesh-eating staphylococcus, 'spider bit' streptococcus, 'heat bump' boils, etc). The artificial fruit drinks (jim jones) served as a vitamin C vehicle and fruit substitute is noted for causing brain and bladder cancers in some. Since captives are road blocked from obtaining edible food, our only recourse is to go to the chow lines, take as much of the offal as possible each time, and to boycott the kops junk food stores. Only when it becomes more expensive to serve offal than food will the kops replace offal with food.