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Essay: "Food"

by Darrell Clemons
I think science is incredible...They take a seed, plant it, water it, then once a small stem or flower pops up, it is nurtured from there, and eventually the manufacturer will process this into food for eating.

Food is a healer, when you're weak, it gives you strength...when you have hunger pains, it soothes the stomach... and when you're dying, it gives you life...when you're depressed, angry, lonely, anxious, bored or simply shy, it heals all of that also!

Food to me is joy, excitement, exhilaration, vitalizing, my friend and my companion, whenever I can eat, I'm satisfied. Right from birth we have had our bodies nourished, and all the way until we are deceased, this will also be the case. The only thing that intrigues me is that each one of us is unique and for some reason we all have our very own taste buds for certain things. In some places and countries, certain foods or habits have been considered gross, whereas in other places the very same item is a delicacy, why? I have had many opponents and discussions on this very subject, such as dogs, rats, horses, ants, grasshoppers, pigs, cows, chickens, lambs, roaches, and this list is indefinite, but you get the picture, right? And the only conclusion is one and all the same; whichever society we are in, the things taught, believed, and have been consistent about have a way of dwelling in our mentality as acceptable or rejectable, and it's a form of brain-washing like a subliminal message, so I never be judgmental or knock something before I try it, you never know! Oh, yeah, even if you are not a carnivore and are a vegetarian or on a diet that eats only fish, I must have everyone agree on at least one thing; we are all Homo sapiens, right? Therefore we all must eat something and consider it FOOD, FOOD, FOOD. So let's eat and enjoy and not criticize one another's selection. Now I'm hungry...grrrr!!