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Essay: "Food"

I love food. Can't get enough of it! Especially in here. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, bread, peppers and kool aid for lunch. Ice cream or banana pudding or cake or pie or tea cake for dessert. Pancakes with peanut butter, cereal, eggs and cinnamon toast or waffles, omelets, steak-n-eggs for breakfast. Pattymelt with cheese, burgerking, taco bell, season fries, foot long hot dogs, submarine sandwiches for dinner. Cous-cous, egg and rice, liver, kidney, meat loaf, spaghetti, roast, brisket, fish. Pizza, curly fries, onion rings, watermelon, baked potatoes, crawfish, deer, rabbit, geese, alligator, bullfrog legs, turtle. Lasagna, smothered steak and rice, corn on the cob. Sloppy joe, corn dogs, poptarts, broccoli and rice. Jimbalaya, shrimp, hash brown, French toast. Chicken and dumplings, chicken gizzards, boudain, hog crackling, tripe, hog maw, coubeyon, hog head cheese, ham, turkey, ribs, lamb, snake, squid, octopus, shark, sausages, dirty rice, soup, noodles. Food, food, food. I love it.