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Essay: "Food"

Food can take many forms. Some are more nutritious than others,though, unhealthy victuals are quite tasty. Each of us needs to find a balance in our eating that provides us with the nutrients we need without denying ourselves the pleasurable sensation of flavors bursting on our taste buds. At least occasionally.

In my experience three ingredients: fats, sugars and sodium, are always found in quantity in the most delicious foods. Having never been a junk food addict it's shocking how much I enjoy these foods. If I had my way I'd eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables. Since those are not sold on commissary I eat junk that's unhealthy.

Last week I ate a package of chili with beans. It was delicious until I read the ingredients and saw it contained 103% of my daily recommended dosage of saturated fat. No wonder it tasted so good.

Cookies are another personal weakness. The numbers don't look bad until you realize they consider two cookies a serving. These are chocolate chip cookies and my will power isn't strong enough to stop at less than ten. Usually I eat the whole bag with the excuse of not wanting them to go stale. That means I better not keep cookies in my cell. The main poison in cookies is saturated fat; a bag has 120% of the recommended limit and 60% of the sodium you're allowed. Why salt in a sweet food?

You'd think Ramen Noodle Soup would be safe. They are good and make a cheap meal for $.25. Sodium is the price you pay for taking those 380 calories. One soup contains over 60% of your daily dose of sodium. Nothing poisons your body like too much salt.

By now, you're all wondering why I'm suddenly paying attention. At a recent doctors visit my blood pressure and weight were up. It was all because I had more money than was good for me and had been eating off the commissary. The doctor told me, in a kind and gentle way, lose weigh, cut the salt and get some exercise. If not I can expect a massive heart attack. My flippant reply was, "Time Cut!" He didn't see the humor.

Though 'the big one' would get me out of prison, I'm not ready to go that way,. There are things I want to do first. Life is pretty good and getting better. That means I exercise, I hate exercise, and stop buying junk food in any quantity. Okay, I'll still be having ice cream and cokes on store day. Nothing wrong with a treat, but you can't live on treats and I'm eating to live now.