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Essay: "Food"

by J.A. Parrish
Hey, let's talk about food. I discovered at a very early age that food played a special role in my life. My body needs to be nourished if I am to continue to exist on God's green Earth. Here in prison, where I am temporarily residing, we do not have to worry about having the necessary means to afford food because we are provided free of hassle, three square meals a day. We eat breakfast every morning anywhere between 4am and 5am. Lunch is freely served to us between the hours of 10:3am and 1pm. Dinner turns out about 5pm and 7pm. That's three square meals. Although the food may not be up to par with our standards, it still is food designed to keep one living. But let me fantasize that I am being given the opportunity to choose today what I will eat for this one particular day. I would choose fried chicken and French fries over any and everything. And for dessert, pecan pie and vanilla ice cream. Now, you try and top that!