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Essay: "Food"

by Keith Reese
Epicurus, an ancient Greek philosopher, and the Greek god Bacchus had a common idea to their themes, both enticed humanity to engage in carefree pleasures; mainly serving a drive for self-satisfaction. Eating to contentment would be central to Epicurus and Bacchus' theme. Though Bacchus put his stress on wine, food would be at the very heart of that merriment. Enrapturing and delectable foods determine immensely our moods throughout the day. Good foods puts pep in our step and allow us to focus on other matters than our growling stomachs. Eating is a joyous blessing even Jesus enjoyed. Eating our choice foods can be casual, in solitude, with a romantic prospect, or in some business covenant. Eating has gone from B.C.-style hunting, to the fine science of etiquette. All around us, advertisements make our mouths water and our eyes gape at scrumptious foods. It must have been hard for Eve of the Garden to resist such a plump fruit that looked full of juice. Certainly, food was meant to reach the center and fiber of our being. All I can ever think of is rich chocolates, fried foods, fish, etc. I can see why it was so easy to lure Hansel and Gretel with the crumbs. Ah, the tasteful wonders of food.