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Essay: "Food"

by Kano Stevenson
Food is my haven. I love to eat, eat, eat. Beef, chicken, fish or turkey, it does not matter. I dream of going to the grocery store and moving from aisle to aisle picking what I want. I especially love the cereal aisle. 'Capt'n Crunch', 'Cocoa Pebbles', 'Corn Pops', 'Apple Jacks'. I won't even blow your mind with my vast knowledge of 'Pop Tarts' and other sugar filled, wiggle-wart inducing toaster stuffers and cereal bars.

Let me not forget my fondness for fruits and vegetables, fresh and canned. I love everything about food; the smell, the taste, the texture and most of the time, the appearance. I just can't prove my love of food. My metabolism is high, therefore I can eat like an elephant and not gain any weight.

Even in here, I look forward to the S.O.S. (Shit On a Shingle), the chili Mac and the infamous fried chicken. I even carry extra stamps with me to the chow hall, so I can pay the line servers to pile my tray high. Nevertheless, I wait patiently for the day I can go to the grocery store on my own, in order to treat myself to a shopping spree.