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Essay: "Love"

by William Baxter
A Love Process

I accept that God, Source, the Creative Cause, the Supreme Absolute Being, Very Truth, Very Reality; the Very Self of Real God loves me and unconditionally accepts me this very moment, just as I am.

I receive confirmation of the Truth as I willingly release and let go of the past, with its concepts of truth and non-truth. I now release the past and all its concepts, all opinions, beliefs, memories of good and bad, right and wrong, pleasure and pain, desires unfulfilled, and I rest in the present now acceptance that god loves me and approves of me, just as I am.

I am willing and joyously glad that God loves and accepts everyone just as they are. Since this is the Truth--- that God, being Love itself, must eternally love everyone and everything--If I see myself or anyone as being undeserving of love, this is my own ignorance and I now release that ignorance. I now accept the Truth that God loves me and all beings equal. Even those I have not considered worthy of love, I now realize God loves them unconditionally. Therefore, I cease withholding my acceptance and approval of anyone, and allow God's love to feel me and totally fill me and everyone with present moment radiance in the heart and my Heart. I allow it to be my experience NOW--strongly felt in the right center of my chest, and radiating to everyone! I rest in the Radiance of the Heart. I rest in love.

I consciously realize that my personal connection with God, the supreme Being in my Heart, in my heart, is steady, certain and strong enough to yield all my needs and comforts, to solve all my problems and fill me with everlasting love, peace, safety, security and happiness-- which radiate to infinity

I consciously know that from this Awareness of my Oneness with God, I radiate the Light of this direct Energy of Love to all beings everywhere, to all places, and to all things. All persons, places and things rest in the Light and Love of my Heart. And we exchange and share this love as peace and joy.

I see no offense, receive no offense, or intentionally give offense to anyone. I accept love and receive all beings equally in my heart. I release all judgment and criticism, and forgive everyone and everything that has ever caused me pain and upset and I forgive myself for all my own past ignorance and unloving ways.

With love and forgiveness I releases all past wrongs against me or from me, and create a Clear Space that allows for all people to come and go in Peace and Joy as I accept them just as they are. From this Clear Space of Unconditional Love and Acceptance I witness life's events with humor and compassion allowing all people to be themselves and express themselves with no thoughts or feelings from me of resentment, envy, jealousy or criticism. This Clear Space now allows me to accept life just as it is. As I accept what's so, as it comes up, I am at peace. And if it should happen that life presents me with unfriendly or uninvited pain producing experiences, by my loving and accepting what's so about it or experiences to occur in their place. My resistance to any happening only strengthens and prolongs its stay in my experience. My unconditional Love and Acceptance for any event, by my non-resistance, does not add to it, but it allows it to pass freely on.

By being friendly to everyone and everything, everyone and everything is being friendly to me and aiding me, rather than harming me or limiting me. In this openness of Acceptance and Love I am at peace. I am Happy! I am Free!