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Essay: "Love"

God and love are synonymous. To be in love is to be in God. To know love is to know the very existence of god. For God there is no other proof needed except your love. Man is born with the potential of love, but it is only a potential, it has to be made actual. Only when love becomes actual it is wellborn, otherwise it remains a seed, and the seed is not going to grow.

Love knows no death, love conquers death, and love conquers time. But it is not of the mind; it is not a question of thinking. One has to live love. Love is the greatest magic. It transforms the mundane into the sacred, it transforms prose into poetry.

Ordinary people live their lives like prisoners, dragging their feelings around, afraid to let them loose as if life is a sentence to be suffered. But love should transform it into an island of bliss and make it a song to be sung. We are born to love, nurtured in love by our mother, but we grow up to suppress it as if we were ashamed of it. As if we were looked upon as weak. To the opposite sex we show it as a means of sexual gratification as if we were bestowing a gift upon them. But true, spontaneous love should flow freely towards everyone. The mind is full of doubt and doubt is very cowardly; and the mind that is not in love is bound to be in doubt. It is only through love that doubts disappear.

Love always comes from beyond. It is not something that we can make; it cannot be manufactured by us. At the most we can receive love or reject it. One has to go through many pains and many pleasures, many dark nights, many sunlit days, and the many agonies and many ecstasies that love brings. It is only between these extremes, as if one is walking on a tight rope, balancing constantly, that one grows, that one matures. Never avoid love--love is the greatest courage one can experience in life. To live without love is to live a life of defeat, of frustration, of despair, of anguish. To live in love is to live victoriously. People have tried all other kinds of ways to be victorious--through money or power--but everything else fails except love. That is why God gave his only begotten son. It says that God so loved the world that he gave his only son--that is love.