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Essay: "Love"

by Jesus Sanchez
Love is something that every man, woman and child yearns for, and certainly without a doubt, deserves it. Some may disagree because of wrong doing in a person's life. The conduct, pain, and suffering a person may inflict on another person, make that effected persons ability to show love towards some others very hard. But love is special, so special that it heals the pain that is inside a person. Love fixes broken hearts, mends relationships, and makes things right. Sometimes people do things for attention like little children do for example; they will cry or throw things at their parents for no reason at all just to get attention and love.

Yes, love is a blessing from above, a strong power that conquers jealousies, envies, pride, selfishness, rudeness, grudges, and never has an eye for wrong doing. If you love someone you will be loyal to that person no matter what the cost. Ypou will always believe in him or her, always expect the best of him or her, and always stand your ground in defending him or her. So love someone today! (And receive love back).