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Essay: "Love"

by Noel Vargas
What is love? Love is the greatest feeling any person cam ever experience. Love makes a person happy, love makes a person do things they never thought they would do. Love is beautiful. Love can endure and overcome anything, trouble, pain, and hate. For instance, who is the best example for love? God. Yes, believe it. For God so loved the world that he gave 'his only begotten son' so whoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life. Now, that's love. If the world today could be filled with love in every person's heart, just imagine what the world would be like: no wars, no murderers, no crime, nothing that's negative such as hate. A good example: the devil... he hates people, tempts people with evil desires, he's everything that's the opposite of love. Just think of the word love for a minute. When a person experiences love, he or she doesn't think of it for a minute. She or he thinks of it all day long. Love is like a mother that carries her child for the first time in her womb. She loves that child unconditionally and hasn't even seen her child yet. That's love. So if you hate, don't hate, but love. That's the key word everyone should know. And everyone should have the key to unlock the lock of love.