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Essay: "Personal Boundaries"

by Illinois Barconey

In the beginning, there was a serene calm in this old world. A creator's balanced boundaries synchronized to perfection. Animals of the air, water and land lived in harmony. This most powerful, Holy Creator, out of loving-kindness created the highest form of animal in his own image- MAN.

Since that point in history a grave encroachment of personal boundaries is taking place. The introduction of sin in the Garden of Paradise-Eden- produced the ignominious mind set of modern man. Man in turn evolved civilization's necessities to be controlled by corporate investors and people who can afford the more luxury products. Corporate investors have not had any problems manipulating consumer spending; just one benignant intrusion of personal boundaries.

Even under the guise of democracy the government's diabolical approach to humanity is no more than a power struggle based on who and what can accumulate more wealth. Currency is power to the more fortunate among us. The less fortunate are products of over-crowded penal institutions (unconcerned administrators), that's becoming more and more privatized excluding anyone living below the poverty level to invest their meager wages and cash in on this governmental monopoly. Denial of bear necessities to the poor is ungodly restriction of personal boundaries, which soon will begin to outweigh deceptive attempts by government to eliminate poverty. The second wisest man in history state, "Do not hold back good from those to whom it is owing, when it happens to be in the power of your hand to do it" (Proverbs 3:27). Not withstanding, the beauty of nature, we have despised its divine glory. Even President Theodore Roosevelt's attempt to preserve millions of acres of American wilderness by creating in 1905, the U.S. Forest Service did little to protect nature's personal boundaries. Wildlife refuges, Indian reservations, wetlands, etc are being invaded by government entities. Uncle Sam one day may save our timber, breeding acres of wetlands, including safe havens for our wildlife before fools destroy everything. The havoc state of all personal boundaries strives on one destructive trait: 'greed.' The culprit possessed by greed uses sinister tactics to acquire its number on commodity, the almighty dollar.

The core of the universe's existence is being torn us under by man. The only protective cover (ozone layer) we have from the sun's powerful rays is slowly deteriorating from toxic emissions. Man knows he is destined to die. Choosing the destination he cannot predict. So, why not, when he dies take to whole world along for the trip. The foolish man has only these words in the parting seconds of life, "At least it was good while it lasted." Leaving his wealth and riches to family members to carry on the foolish heritage of destroying personal boundaries.

Personal boundaries may have a different meaning to many of us. Most humans prefer to keep their personal opinions, problems, habits, and desires out of the spotlight. The power structure, ruling class, money changers, whatever label you choose to give them, has perpetrated their diabolical intentions long enough. Isn't it plain to see, the nations of the world have fused an explosive power struggle with everyone caught in the middle. We are citizens of the wealthiest country in the world. Wasn't this the same situation Caesar found himself in, being Emperor of Rome? Our founding fathers pictures are also printed in our currency. We even go as far as to print on it "In God We Trust." Mockery of God's love will lead to destruction. Men who have the authority to correct many of society's ills are pretenders in the name of our government. They go down in history as an inspiration for future leaders.

If government didn't have absolute power just maybe, harmony would flow across the waters, instead of war. Poverty, prejudice, discrimination, pornography, violence, alcoholism, drug addiction, hatred, and many more of society's weaknesses today are daily household words. Only the masses of people at the bottom have the people power to deter decisions of government; uniting their personal boundaries.

refer to insurgents as terrorists (using terror, violence, and intimidation to achieve an end); on the other hand, terrorists label Americans infidels (unbelieving; one without religious beliefs). Every honest thinking person needs to make their own decisions involving the misuse pf power before we destroy ourselves for not heeding to a simple solution. Knowing our personal boundaries means the world to us, being passive will enslave us even more.

-Illinois Barconey