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Essay: "Personal Boundaries"

by Derrick Burbie
Personal Morals Shape Personal Boundaries

Anyone living entrapped within prison comes to know the boundaries of their existence very well. There are those boundaries that are imposed upon us by the architects who designed the space we dwell in, which bring to the forefront of our minds the loss of freedom we suffer, and cause a longing for better days to ever be present in our thoughts. There are also personal boundaries that we ascribe to ourselves, a form of self-control, discipline, discretion. What we deem honorable, and on the other side, is the line that is not to be crossed. A person's personal boundaries revolve around their personal morals. For some people, they excel and achieve due to the things that they will, or will not do, others falter and fail. Personal boundaries limit one's actions, but all limitations are not harmful if they are utilized to produce the best that we can deliver. In order to reach a goal, one must work consistently at it, and decide what things are in their best interests and prioritize their activities accordingly, which the self-discipline that comes from having personal boundaries allows us to do. The boundaries that we establish within ourselves come from mistakes. Personal boundaries also stem from an individual's character, one defines the other.

In totality, the type of life that one wishes to lead will determine the boundaries that they place upon their selves. No one person can say what works best, they can only say what works best for them since not all forms fit everyone. However, as a society, certain ideals have become the norm, and non-compliance or non-conformity to those norms may result in incarceration. As long as one's personal boundaries stay the same, physical boundaries in prison can be overcome. All that is needed is for a prisoner's boundaries to not include being held within prison, when that is accomplished, their actions will focus on taking steps to get out. As people, we naturally resist being held in captivity, but only these with a strong desire for freedom will escape the confinements prisoners are subject to. As a prisoner, ask yourself if your personal boundaries include being a prisoner held in captivity, and if they do not, and you are being held, what will you do to change that?

-Derrick Burbie