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Essay: "Personal Boundaries"

Isolating Myself

I would consider my personal boundaries as my own space and time; to where I can do whatever I want and please. Also, to take as much time as I want to think, meditate and just relax. At the time being, my personal boundaries would be this cell and the rec yard, since I am in Seg. But also, when I am amongst people, I still try to find away that I can have my own personal boundary, by isolating myself from others. I feel like everybody should have their own personal space, if just to breathe a fresh breeze of air every once in a while. When I was out, my personal boundary would be the fishing pond. But, if I was to make it personal, it would be my heart and my soul. Just like everything is, it too can be violated, trampled on, crush or hurt, if not protected or always crowded. So, to me, a person's personal boundary can be anything or anywhere. So, it's always good to get away or make a boundary line that no one can cross. And this here is my personal boundaries.

-Tim Hampton