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Essay: "Personal Boundaries"

by Jermaine Hicks
Placing Boundaries on Universe

My utmost thoughts of this topic are nothing more than questionable thoughts. As it stands, the universe is infinite to the understanding of man's intelligence. Which is one many levels. And with these understandings, we realize through time and space we are in fact limited. It makes me wonder if these limitations are based on personal boundaries. I question the theory, that if intelligent life forms can exist on earth, there must be many other intellectual beings existing in other realms governed by other laws. And maybe, we are separated from these beings due to an undeveloped human race, caused by a lack of spiritual growth, or by an intelligent creator not allowing us the privilege to unite. By placing boundaries on the universe, acknowledging that with an undeveloped state of thinking, coming in contact with these beings would cause conflict on a universal level, and maybe destroying our own existence (as if we are not doing it already). Maybe these boundaries are for our own good...and other's.

-Jermaine Hicks