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Essay: "Personal Boundaries"

by Daryl Mitchell
Crossing an Intelligent Man

I believe when you are dealing with any real intelligent man, there is certain boundaries you are not supposed to cross, or dare to even consider about crossing. Once any man considered thinking about crossing your personal boundaries, then that man should be well prepared for resistance. Incarcerated as a revolutionary political prisoner not because I was charged with a political activity, but because as a prisoner convicted I am now politically active and educated. I am personally charged with attempted murder on a man that was big time so-called gang-chief, outstanding drug dealer, gang-banger and well known snitch police informant, who incarcerates people who commit the same crimes he committed or even worse, for deals to get away with crimes or police funding.

I have known police informants to lie to get themselves out of hot water, there is no honor among snitches or rats, and in my case notorious lies were told so this guy could win a lawsuit and a II bound get out of jail free card.

Once police snitches are allowed to get away with so many crimes, criminals who want to get away with crime, can join up with the police and be allowed to do the same crimes, the law is supposed to serve and protect, abiding law citizens, not the criminal elements of society. When the public allows police informants and criminals to work together, the public is allowing the criminals to have access to police authority and protection in which has corrupted the police department. Criminals nowadays are using the police resources to nurture their criminal activity, even learn who is undercover cops and become personal friends and puppets for the state's attorneys and other officials.

The truth is there is an urgent need for historical information, for research and the analysis of the contradictions and grievances on plus within the police establishment and for the evaluation of different reform strategies. There are no simple, easy ways out or quick panaceas for controlling this out of law police force. The solutions can be founded in understanding and challenging the political economy of capitalism, since we know even the police officers themselves are victims of imperialism because they work to protect the best interest of the capitalist. The capitalist points the finger at the criminals for attacking their personal wealth and personal property. The radical transformation of the crooked police dept. Must be analytically and strategically connected to revolutionary long-range political struggles, for now, in the present, we need to advocate for the implementation of structural reforms that limit arbitrary power, expose the political functions of the police, create new centers of popular control, and create the conditions in which the power of the people is realized, tested and put into practice.

-Daryl Mitchell