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Essay: "Personal Boundaries"

by Robert Moser
Broken, Crossed Changed

I do believe we all have our limits and boundaries, yet for each it's different. Some are set due to standards, morals and even up-bringing, and some just are. Personal boundaries can be broken, crossed and changed. Growing up, I developed and custom made the personal boundaries I now have. Not all boundaries were designed for me not to cross...and then came the drugs. The use of drugs, I guess, is the main reason I am able to see more clearly my own boundaries and those of others. On drugs, boundaries rarely exist, and even if they do, so what?! I can sit here today and look down on that type of thinking and more easily respect not just my own but also other's personal boundaries.

They exist for different reasons for each of us; mine exist so I can establish a foundation of standards. For what reasons I chose I can set lines I don't want to cross or have others cross. It's freedom, choice and personal expression...On drugs I did whatever, whenever to whomever because in that state-of-mind I over step all boundaries.

Boundaries can be gratifying, when used and respected you can gain confidence and even happiness knowing there's lines you won't cross or let others cross. Being aware of my own allows and helps me see others, and in the end relationships and friendships persevere when boundaries are respected and or noticed. All this is in regards to the positive way I see personal boundaries. I am aware that emotional walls and barriers exist and they may be the same as personal boundaries, but in different terms mean something else.

Offensively or defensively boundaries also can be used in negative ways that hinder us in our daily lives. When they are set and solid, sometimes the people behind them will break before they give.

-Robert Moser