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Essay: "Personal Boundaries"

by Joseph Alvin Parrish
Boundaries in Prison

What can a six time loser tell you about personal boundaries, living in a prison institution atmosphere? Having accumulated a total of more than fifteen flat years behind prison walls, do you think that I could tell you anything about personal boundaries? Being incarcerated in prison causes the reactions of those living in society to frown upon us living here on the inside. For some reason or other most of the time we are judged from a distance. Just because we made some wrong choices in life which landed us where we are does not mean that we deserve to be looked down upon as the scum of the Earth. You wouldn't lie in someone else's bed, would you, without their consent? Well, here in prison that's a big No, NO! You cannot lie in anyone's bed; neither can you invade their right to privacy, at least not to each other. However, we do experience the invasion of our right to privacy by most of the TDCJ Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice staff. On a daily basis here in prison you will in some way or other be disrespected. Someway, or other your personal boundary area will be violated. Your part of responsibility is how you deal with it. Through it all, there is a learning experience if you will only apply your higher knowledge. Be careful, because there are consequences for your behavior.

-Joseph Alvin Parrish