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Essay: "Presidential Elections"

Presidential Election

Presidential Election
or More Bread; Less Circus
or Politics: If you're not in it, you're out of it!
By now everyone should be plenty tired of political theatre. Who is listening to the political blithering? Only people trying to wedge their benefactor into office, the gullible, and persons who have not yet seen two or more cycles of politicians obtaining election and who are thus still impressed by the flash and fume.

The majority of us have long since uncovered the myth of democracy they sell for what it really is: a plutocracy; rule by the hereditary rich. The appearance of debate is no longer enough to keep us fooled. Most people don't like either millionaire candidate and show our displeasure by not voting. We, the non-voters are disgusted to have found that:
1. Political campaigns are expensive battles of propaganda, twisted facts, carefully rehearsed non-answers, evasions, canned speeches, re-written history and outright lies.
2. When they get caught at these frauds and fabrications they pretend not to have paid for them to be spread or to have said them.
3. Whichever millionaire manages to cram himself into office will flush our money away just as quickly as his opponent will.
4. The appointment of Bush 2 as president by the judiciary in 2000 made the myth of democracy plain to everyone.
5. Sonny Bush will win this election too simply because he is already president and managed to stampede the voting herd down the Bush 2 chute with terror about terror.
6. He and his cronies are again going to tax the poor; feed the rich; lower wages; jack up fees; bomb more oil countries; create more terrorism; allow more corporate toxins to spew all over the earth; sell off the forests and animals as quickly as possible; devalue the currency; try to suck out the free oil in Alaska and the west coast for his super- rich handlers; put thousands more cops, cameras and checkpoints everywhere; terrorize the timid and the ignorant with predictions of terrorism disguised as "intelligence"; dumb- down more schools; distract us from important issues like their class warfare against us by focusing debate on the same inconsequential subjective nonsense that no one will ever agree on such as abortion, homo -- marriage and turning school into church, ad nauseum.

Thus we, the nonvoting, find these facts self-evident:
1. Government has turned predatory towards its un wealthy citizens by deliberately overtaxing us, mal-educating us, taking away our livelihoods by sending jobs overseas, importing cheap labor, lowering wages and pricing the good life beyond our means.
2. Business has joined government in its gluttonous pursuit of wealth and power.
3. The media has made itself an extension of government and business through self-censorship and common goals of obtaining wealth and power at any cost to citizen and environment.
4. The gov/ biz/ media alliance has reduced its citizens by the furtherance of abysmal ignorance and hatred to the level of domesticated animals having almost no thoughts higher than TV, inebriation and sex.
5. When we try to organize for better treatment through use of unions and collective bargaining, the government/ business alliance has repeatedly killed some of us abducted others of us into its prisons, terrorized the rest and taken over what unions it couldn't destroy.

Such being the indisputable facts, we the non-voters decide to use our Constitutional right to sign and enforce a people's initiative to:
1. Take away all campaign spending for political ads and require persons aspiring to political office to answer truthfully specific questions formulated by the electorate ourselves.
2. Compel politicians to sign binding contracts as to their activities in office if elected.
2. Make deviation from such contracts punishable by jail rather than fines.
3. Make betrayal of the public trust a crime punishable in proportion to the magnitude of the fraud perpetrated and the number of citizens ripped off.
4. Institute electronic and computerized voting, making politicians obsolete and unneeded and direct democracy possible, so we can vote on issues instead of for people who ignore our desires after election then fill their pockets with our $.
5. (insert your own good ideas here and below)

Anyone wishing to learn more about how we can take our government back through electronic voting, see www.jamesbauhaus.org and click on "legalized bribery" or "the never ending screw job" and many other short essays on how we can better our lot in spite of the government/ business/ media alliance.