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Essay: "Presidential Elections"

by Ricky Gibson
Presidential Election

How to encroach upon this act. Who really wins in an election of office? No one actually; somewhere within the road to victory there comes a point when either candidate decides to discredit their opponent. Be it by starting rumors, false lies, or making something up to dishonor or slander the person opposing you.

This is a practice that not only happens in a Presidential Election, but in any situation where there's power to be gained and a reputation to ruin. And believe it or not even in the neighborhood of friends. Say, for example, I wanted the hottest chic on the block. And my so- called dawg; homie; bro also wanted her. Don't ever think you can trust your bro into not disrespecting you in order to be the better. It happens everyday.

Back to the election, recently I heard Bush saying that Kerry doesn't have good American values. Where was the evidence Bush used to establish this conclusion he's come up with? Can anyone tell me what the American values are? Who in the great USA is a prime example of the quality American?

There's always been freedom of belief, speech, and the option to choose our own destiny. So how is this defined? I'm a patriotic Southern country outlaw. I don't approve of the one man show. Nor do I abide by my neighbors rules. He may like hip hop music, and I David Allen Cole do we frequent the same places? Doubtfully, so which of us is the more American? You figure it out.

Regardless of the character of an individual, who has in the right to slander another's reputation. With Bush/ Kerry they are given a world stage to perform their theasectics and the dumb-asses that donate all the funding for these two to make commercials, fly around the states and tell lies about taxes, medicare, pollution, and any other topic of the week. Those are the one's that should see a doctor. The show really isn't that good.