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Essay: "Presidential Elections"

Presidential Election

I think the president should go toward the person who can give the people what they want or come close to it, without showing bias of and for a certain groups vogue, class and status of their peers. The President should be fair in thought, towards the homeless to the rich. Too, one that can "take care of home" first, before going to the neighbors and clean up there. If one can't clean up ones house first, then it's obvious that he/she is going to keep it dirty and have ignorance of it's depraved and polluted activity that's going around it's ambience. So, how can one give, feel and reach out to it's own people when one can't even understand or relate to them? So therefore, if one can't understand or relate to it's people, how can he/she give and provide for the people, stand by the people or hear the people? They can't. It's impossible. So, the Presidential election should be about the people and the people's needs and futures, not the Presidents background of the dids and didn'ts; I mean it's necessary for it to be spoken upon, but not focused upon, as the main attraction. I don't mean to sound so paradoxical, or have a person see what I'm saying as that. Like the question everybody is wanting to know, How can Kerry correct Bush's fault and improve where Bush messed up? Don't get me wrong now, leadership and strength is a must for the position, as well as intelligence. All the big issues, such as war, trade, economy etc, is good, but the most important thing or issue, is giving what the people want because the people make up and hire the president. But if one doesn't hear the people, then, how does the president expect the people to hear him/her? While to be, what they appear to be, which is men; and stop the judging, tattling and juvenile games. If they (Bush and Kerry) would open up their eyes and ears, they will see what the people at the bottom of the totem pole see and hear, on how they act and tattle on each other back and forth. Instead of the President and the candidate, do their campaigns like men and conduct their business on a professional level, they're wasting everybody's time acting immature; and it should stop. Because if people want to see grown men looking and acting like kids, we can look at our children. So hopefully as time winds down, they'll stop their immature ways and let the adult in them come out. But overall, I do hope that John Kerry beats Bush, because he's for the people, listened to the people, hear the people and can relate to the people's need. But as long as Kerry is playing Bush's game, he'll never succeed in winning the Presidential election that he deserves.