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Essay: "Presidential Elections"

by Elzie Lee Henson
Presidential Election

As I sit here and write upon this issue of presidential election I ask myself, who do (we) want as president of the U.S.? Will it be John Kerry or will Bush win another re-election? Bush on one hand is a prime example of the kind of president we don't need in the White House. He has done us more harm than good. Sure, they caught Saddam Hussein, whom we all know couldn't run and hide very much longer. But let's ask ourselves was it worth it? Was it worth all the lives that were lost during these tragic moments? How many more of our loved ones will we have to lose to death before this mess is over? Are there lives worth it or is it worth their lives? All the husbands, wives, daughters, sons, gone to war never knowing if they'll ever return or see their loved ones again. What about all the lies that Bush was caught in? Will we have to endure the same lies all over again? What about John Kerry? Will he do better? Worse? Or the same? How about giving the man a chance? Bush has had his go in the White House days. How about a change? Not for one person, one race, or one reason, but for everyone and every race. And God be our witness let all the soldiers overseas come home before the holidays and hopefully never having to return. How about letting someone come into the White House who will go by God's Commandments and not make their own laws? It is time for positive change to change for the better. I can sum it into three words LET FREEDOM RING and let us all be free indeed.