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Essay: "Presidential Elections"

by Daryl Mitchell
Presidential Election

John Forbes Kerry, age 60, is older than Bush and maybe more mature then George Walker Bush. Democratic to Blacks is like being Republican to us because it's all in the same to us. It does not address the issues we want. I understand that Bush has a BA in history and knows that history repeats itself. If the pass is not corrected though, Mr. Kerry's political science and law degree he may understand our political views better than Bush. Having military background with the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and three purple hearts, he may be brave enough to stand up to a racist government on our part, unlike Bush who went AWOL. Kerry was a leader of Vietnman vets antiwar group, so he makes a good anti war, unnecessary war protestor. Being an assistant district attorney who prosecuted white-collar crime, the leaders of crime he may be a good candidate to challenge the crime wave in government. I feel he can feel the outcast types since he used to be a bass player in high school with a rock band called the Electras who released an album.

Kerry voted for Bush's No Child Left Behind program which sounds good but it holds schools accountable for low test scores and classroom violence, which will harrash schools in low income communities. The good thing about it, it offers students immediate transfers to better public or charter schools, which causes the kids to think in terms of the enemy regimentation. Kerry does have a health care plan that covers 95% of the population by undoing Bush tax cuts for the rich. ON the civil rights side, he's in favor of affirmative action policies in 2002 he got a 100% from the NAACP approval ratings in support of civil rights, but human rights are important. His ideals for the environment , Kerry wants to develop wind, solar energy and other renewable sources to make the U.S. less dependant on foreign oil, which will lower the changes of war. Kerry has been accused of "flip flopping" voting to authorize the Iraq War but later claimed he was mislead and voted against an appropriation bill that would fund it, but the individual must decide if the believe him or not.

Teresa Heinz Kerry, native continent is Africa, who went to t South Africa University of Geneva, which due to who John married can understand Black population, from a close up view. Teresa is an environmental activist philanthropist, which means some of his views are a political stunt, be of his wife, on the U.N. staff. Kerry basically to take the rich, help the poor. He said he would roll back tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans in the first 100 days of office, produce 3 million jobs in the first 500 days and close tax loopholes for companies that send jobs overseas. He'll initiate job training programs, assist small businesses and spike the minimum wage to &7. From Bush to Kerry, I would vote for Kerry because his talk is more to my agreement.