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Essay: "Presidential Elections"

Presidential Election

You might think that a person locked up in prison isn't into politics, but that's not true. Anytime a bill in Congress is voted on we're always trying to see what is being done to hold us down in here or what will be done to let us out. For the thirteen years I've been locked up I've watched our system of politics disrespected and made a mockery of by the very people that have been voted in to protect our interests. The whole world watched Clinton be to the people who put him in office and then let him disarm this country to keep from dealing with the terrorism that was afoot. He should have been put on trial for treason. Now we've got someone in office that's willing to deal with the problems and handle the bad situations we've got. And everybody is crying that he's wrong. I think most of us are forgetting what this country is all about. We've been placed in a spot that is a love and hate issue. Everybody in the world has dreams of being like this country or trying to make their political idea work somewhat like ours. They send their kids to school here and they come here to live in exile from their own country. Here we are in a war that is for good and perfect reasons and we're crying it's wrong. That is a pusillanimous way of looking this country. Bush is our president and he's dealing with the problems head on. You might say what does a convict know? Well, let me say this; I'm black, I was born and raised here. I grew up during the fifties and it was a struggle then and it's a struggle now. I've got children coming up in a different world than I came up in. It's got its faults but there is freedom of choice. If the president said right now, fight for this country, without blinking an eye I'd ask where do you want me. Bush is willing to fight a good fight and get things done. We've got sons and daughters who are fighting for what they believe in values we've taught them. And we need to send them behind Mr. Bush. If I said something to hurt you, get over it. This is my opinion and you have yours.