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Essay: "Rituals"

by L.J. Carter
The Importance of Rituals

That covers a lot of ground... as rituals could be as simple as...repeat procedure...then too it very well could be a specific ceremony of order. Whatever it is for many of us there is comfort in being able to relax in repetition, mainly in simple tasks that we take for granted.

Take me for instance, I have a morning ritual to the way I write in my journal. I stretch; brush my teeth, right hand starting on the upper left molars; drink at lest 12 oz of water; and then hope that I have activated my mind enough to write something sensible. Then there a re rituals of behavior that we cloak ourselves in...at least myself I check people out from the feet up!!!

A good night's rest always starts with me first brushing my teeth, then drinking 12 oz of water, followed by at least 5 minutes use of the toilet with something to read. Otherwise I will be pretty much sleepless for hours. So??? Are ritual important???!!! Yes, to many people they really are, even to me...

-L. J. Carter