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Essay: "Too Close for Comfort"

by Illinois Barconey
Relief of grief or suffering is certainly an ambivalent description of comfort. Our present society is plagued with 'priority confusion.' We do all we think we need to do to enjoy a peaceful or private domain. Our concern that others enjoy this tranquil state of existence has been overshadowed by our individualism.

We need not go to South or Central America, India, Africa or anywhere else to witness the horrors of suffering. Third-world poverty exists in our own communities. Ask any member of the ministry when was the last time the world has experienced a remedial approach to end poverty and disease.

In our biblical recordings o-n-e man child organized the biggest revolution that changed the course of the world. A godly sense of love and compassion covered the earth, after the 'Great Flood', dating back to the rule of the Amenhotep clan reigning as pharaohs of Egypt. Health care, food and education were freely distributed. The almighty Roman Empire under Caesar's rule defied all laws given unto us by the Creator.

During those earlier days of so-called government rule (dominance) restrictions were placed on human beings' God given rights. Only the rich and powerful could live in comfort. The less fortunate (diseased and lamed) depend on the mercy of those who live in luxurious, spacious dwellings, eat choice foods and raise healthy children.

Even the deplorable living conditions existing in our own blistering slums deprive many Americans from living adequate comfort.

We mock other cultures immigrating to this country. At first, there are multiple families living in a single family home. They pool their finances and start the building process, on home at a time. Many Americans view this as a success story; finding ammunition to criticize the Black and Hispanic races, labeling them lazy, shiftless and illiterates. No one wants to admit the fact that we all are responsible for the underprivileged. Many non-whites would not think of spending one night in Harlem, New York, New Orleans, Louisiana, desire housing project or San Antonio, Texas East Terrace Apartments. Just the thought of many people crammed into those cheaply constructed dwelling gives too close for comfort a sinister perception.

So next time you are on that pleasure cruise, vacation in the Caribbean, blowing thousands at the casino, or in Sunday worship service, remember that many humans cannot and will never enjoy the simple comforts of life. We all were commanded by a divine Creator to want for your brother what you want for yourself.

Instead of world leaders making war; peace is the answer. Then everyone can enjoy the pleasures of a comfort zone in their lives.

Larger but out-numbered, an army ant soldier of the species Eciton Burchellii is carried by workers of a rival army ant species, Eciton Hamatum. Their two colonies sparred for an hour in a chance meeting, then retreated without fatalities. These army ants never kill each other, but they handily devour creatures many times their size. (Edward O. Wilson, Ants the Civilized Insect, National Geographic, August 2006)

- Illinois Barconey III