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Essay: "Too Close for Comfort"

by Chung Levar

Peace! Allow me a few second to express some abstract thoughts on the above topic: "Too Close for Comfort."

I close off worldly ways to meditate. IN solitary confinement, I've held onto yesterday's memories that were laminated with turmoil and bliss. Life goes on, so I closed those chapters with the comfort of maturely moving on. The exchange of "Ideas and Feelings" flight was canceled by the compatible airlines to not share my world. Seeking comfort in silence, I close my eyes for the comfort in dreams to gain perception. I close my mouth for the wisdom of elders to comfort my expeditions. Compassionate, yet still I close my palms to not be bitten or taken for granted. My heart's chambers are closed with the comfort of knowing that its potent love will not be abused or indigested from anyone unworthy. I close my skin pores with a full metal jacket as armor from your lies and greed to moisturize it. Some force their artificial lights on others because they yearn for attention. Close my drapes so I can see my own radiate from inside me. I comfortably embrace the warmth of my soul. I close out from a poem or letter with the comfort that it's complete. Close the faucet of vendetta off with the ambitious thoughts that "I'll prosper!"

Concisely, I close this with my imaginative pen, leaving your mind at ease. Thanks for your time and consideration.

-Levar Chung