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Essay: "Too Close for Comfort"

by Darrel D. Clemons
"To Close for Comfort"- this sounds as if you had a special place of business or a nice home you stay at for winter or summer or a container that has been your down fall for over indulgence of a certain food item. Close it!

But, my intellect is telling me to write on the subject: "Too Close for Comfort." I hope I'm right!!!

My phobia is, now at this moment, being in prison, having a cellie! Yeah, all you gangsta's know exactly what I'm talking about!

A cellie learns too much about you over time: where you're from; how much money you have on your books or locker; about your family; about the life you had before prison; your likes and dislikes; your favorite color, number, food, drink, type of woman, car, hobby, even your favorite hustle(s).

They even learn your affiliation, friends or foes and about your plan(s) upon your release... After a while, some cellies you have- they're cool (some bad)- but the most fearsome one you have is the one that you actually start caring about; the one you start to love. Then, you have to question yourself and actions and this is:

Too Close for Comfort

P.S. The worse mistakes I hear each day is the revelation of where you will return to upon your release. In this world, you never know when you might make an enemy, so why tell everyone where you live? This is really "Too Close for Comfort"... DIG!!!

-Darrell D. Clemons