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Essay: "Too Close for Comfort"

by Dave Gordon
Many of us have experienced a near death experience. You barely escape a certain doom and the overpowering relief marks you for life.

Now imagine how many times you narrowly escaped death and you didn't even realize it.

I mean, consider that terrible traffic accident that happened just a short distance ahead of you. If you hadn't got caught at that red light (that incidentally you damned to hell), it could have very well been you mangled and torn in that wreckage.

We simply fail to see each stop light for what is truly is; a safety device.

Prison is such a safety device. While we were out living out lives on the ragged edge, a cop stepped in and saw how dangerously we were behaving. I'm sure that all of us have cursed our arresting officers to the deepest pit of hell. But tell me, should we curse the person or the thing that saves us?

If we truly look at our lives, we will each plainly see that we were walking the thin line between life and sheer destruction. When I consider the facts in my life, it's plain to see that this destruction was looming too close for comfort.

Our greatest problem is that we simply can't see the danger until it's too late. Prison is our alarm clock that is supposed to wake us up to that danger.

It's really heartbreaking to see guys in here who refuse to see how close they really were to certain doom.

Prison is like a pause button for death. It gives us a chance to make changes in our lives so we can start life over and avoid what we so richly deserved.

If you find yourself in prison and you refuse to change for the better, then when you are released, death and destruction will certainly claim you.

Those of us behind these prison walls are the lucky ones. We have been given that second chance. Take this time of incarceration and fix yourself. Don't get side-tracked by the cares of the world. You were delivered from them so you could clearly concentrate upon who you are.

Prison is your hospital.

Your medication is truth.

Don't dilute it!

-Dave Gordon