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Essay: "Too Close for Comfort"

"To Hell with You!"

by Amar Jones
It's a pain in the ass! You probably know or can relate to what I'm about to say. The outsider, that's what I felt like and still do! I have everybody having me as the Go-to-guy. They drop their girlfriends off with me to baby-sit them for an hour or two. How do they know I don't have plans? I had to show a girl how to get (and peak this out) other girls and guys to like and talk to her! I'm good, I know I am but for Christ's sake, why me? I'm the normal out of any group. But yet people don't get the picture until puff like magic I'm in prison. Now, all these so-called friends, people that I helped, people that found themselves so immersed in Amor Jones, "Suddenly," their fingers are broken or they can't be reached or they're so busy they can't say hi or finish a note to a "friend." A real friend is writing and these will be the same people who will be my friends when I pop up on 6/14/07? It's funny!

Out of sight is really out of mind! Well that good at least I can be a "cold hearted son of a bitch!" when I touch down. It really did hurt to know who really was a friend. I guess they really did get too close, but not ever again. Only acquaintances and Business people, no more friends, because in reality, it's like Chucky "I'll be your friend to the end." It's actually saying at the end, one of us is going to get really hurt and it isn't going to be Chucky. So to all those so-called friends, The Hell with Ya!

-Amor Jones