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Essay: "Too Close for Comfort"

by Joseph Alvin Parrish
Well, it's early morning here in Ft. Stockton, TX. The time is one o'clock am. In the morning, October 15, 2006, and I have to acknowledge the fact that my theme writing subject is going to be a couple of days overdue. To me, that's too close for comfort because there's a slight possibility that my theme writing article will not be presented with all of the other entries? That's really too close for comfort because honestly I waited to the last minute to even try and get this, my theme-writing article completed if you care to know, though, there were other factors that played a part in my delay; but most importantly is the fact that I was in dire need of a postage stamp which would enable me to mail my material out. Some things here in prison are just not that convenient for me because of stupidity and negligence on my part to be responsible while I was a part of the outside world. Here, where I am now residing is a world of its own, and it's way too close for comfort. I wonder how you would feel if you were sent to prison, especially if you've never been before? Let's just say that you had never been sent to the penitentiary before, but you are in the process of coming here. How would you feel? How would you react? That would be way too close for comfort, would it not be? It's your first time and you're all jittery and your nerves are shook-up because you've heard all sorts of stories about the penitentiary, and you're wondering about all those rumors you've heard? That's "too close for comfort."

I'm sure you've heard the rumor about being extra careful when you drop your bar of soap in the shower? Have you heard that one before? So you tell me, which ones have you heard that now has you shaking in your boots? Have you ever committed in your life some foul crime that could have landed you in jail, or being sent to prison? Please don't tell me that you're Mister or Miss Good two shoes and that you have never broken the law? If you're honest with me, even at the risk of exposure or public scandal, then that would also be considered as too close for comfort. You almost got caught but you escaped by the hair of your chinny chin-chin. And you're vowing not to get yourself caught in that position again. I wonder what kind of dirt that you've done in your life that had you gotten caught you could be right here in prison too where I am now at? Okay. So listen to this, there are times when I'm not sure where my next tube of toothpaste is coming from. Being that T.D.C.J does not provide you with toothpaste, you must find ways to get someone to buy you a tube from the prison store. That's if you are indigent and have no money on your inmate trust fund account. That's too close for comfort because that causes you to worry and stress. No deodorant, no hair grease, no lotion, no baby oil. It's about nine o'clock pm, your stomach is growling because you're hungry. Your next meal is long hours away and your locker box is empty, so what should you do to alleviate the situation? It's most definitely way too close for comfort. Okay so now your parole interview date is near and you think back to your past one and recall that they set you off for another year or two. It makes you wonder how this one is going to turn out. My heart goes out to those men and women who are being held on death row against their will. Now that is the ultimate way too close for comfort. They will not be getting out and who knows, maybe they have already given up on life. That's a bad situation to be in, and I wonder how they feel? It's most certainly too close for comfort, so what do you think?

-Joseph Alvin Parrish