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Essay: "Winners and Losers"

by Illinois III Barconey
The Real Winners

Considering the many social problems that plague society today, many wonder if law and order is a thing of the past. Our political leaders seem to have lost focus on the importance of freedom- treating all people equally. People really want to look toward our elected officials for leadership and solutions, but the confidence we hope was there is being torn apart by the many unlawful, scandalous ethical practices at tax-payers expense.

It's no longer a case between black and white. Nowadays, if you are rich and powerful- you're right. Our leadership is not only failing us, it's endangering the whole world. Our leaders are the real "losers." King Solomon in Proverbs 11:14 gives warning to poor leadership, "Without the guidance of good leaders a nation falls. But many good advisors can save it."

We tend to close our eyes and ears to people caught in the middle of the power struggle to gain wealth. And certainly our hearts and minds have no compassion for the victims of circumstances. These are the people who are crowding our penal system in record numbers. Many of them are given life sentences, mainly because they were born poor.

Some of us, who are repeat offenders with a chance to be free, experience a renewed spirit. This allows us to use out past experiences as a learning process. We start seeking knowledge and begin to understand our role in life. We understand that no one is going to give us anything. We look beyond our leaders to make our lives and our family lives better. We understand the risky power of the vote, our right to vote, and our right not to vote.

Seeking King Solomon's wisdom again it couldn't be said any better- Proverbs 11:4, "Wealth isn't worth anything when God judges you. But doing what is right saves you from death."

There can never be a more prolific leader than one that has gone through the trenches of inequality, experienced the terror of war and harsh incarceration and through it all, transformed his mind and developed compassion in his heard for all mankind. These are the real "winners."

-Illinois Barconey III