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Essay: "Winners and Losers"

Just a Chance

One would think that this would be an easy subject to elaborate on...but how do you define a loser over a winner?

Many see me as a loser, simply because of my conviction and confinement...but I feel that even though I may not be a winner, I am not a loser. Why? I am alive...I learn daily that I am the controller of my destiny. To me, a winner is someone capable of seeing what needs to be done and gets it done no matter how hard the work load. Losers on the other hand are pretty much always looking for short cuts to the easy way, which 9 out of 10 times causes more trouble than the time they saved. In summary, I myself don't know clearly what makes a winner a winner and a loser a loser. I have ideas and beliefs that apply to me and my way of life, so with that said I think it's a matter of personal beliefs and principles that will lead one way or the other. Now there may be more of something for some and less for others.

For me, I would really like to feel like a winner, with a decent job, a good home, a solid truck, a loving woman. Simply put, I just want a chance to live the good life.

-Calvin Carter