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Essay: "Winners and Losers"

by Ricky D. Hunt
Now I'm Headed in the Right Direction

The topic of "Winners and Losers," is something we all go through in life.

So when we lose, we should be able to learn, and then repair ourselves for winning. You are always a winner in life with God. So if you ever hear that saying, "If you fall get back up and try it again."

Coming up in a home as an only boy, as well as the oldest of three children, I learned that I had to be the man of the house because there was no father around for some years. So that grew me up sooner than I should have, which wasn't a bad or good thing all in all. But, it did take away from a beginning of building skills as a family, even though we had a good mother that loved us all very much.

But as we [my siblings and myself] grew and started to go through changes of life, things got more apart because we started making our own, got older and had kids of our own. In that time, I lost being a father because I had not grown up completely and I was still making wrong choices, causing me to lose.

Now, I sometimes still make bad choices and I am learning to make them right, so I can be a winner for me, my kids and the people that are in my life. This should have started from the beginning of time, but I still thank God that I woke up in time because now I am headed in a winning direction, rather than a losing one.

-Ricky D. Hunt