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Essay: "Winners and Losers"

by Daryl Anthony Mitchell-EL
Winner, Champion and Revolutionary

I have no excuses not to be a winner and I cannot afford to be a loser. If the ancient, Black, Egyptians of the Cushitic Ethiopian Empire started the world's religion system, why should I be among the confused that have holy wars in the name of truth? I know my people come from master minds like Imhotep- the great Egyptian father of medicine, yet I see so many slave minded Blacks in America. I know there's a winner inside of every loser that is in the United States.

The Hausa, the Yoruba, the Fulani, the Mandingo, the Kru, the Ashanti, the Ewe, the Bantu, the Senegalese, the Gambian and the Moor- they were all taken prisoner and held captive on slave ships bound for America and other parts of the Western world. Today, shouldn't their descendents- the Black people- be fighting the hardest to be free in every field, standing on every human right to be free of all controllers and to be winners? Winners are free to win, but bound to lose unless they keep fighting for freedom. And victory, victory is seen by the winner, before he or she reaches the goal.

A winner plans, plots, and makes strategies for victory. Winners are thinkers, sages, master minds and careful calculators. Losers are emotionalists, fakers, untalented people, and illogical reactionaries. If you want to know if you're a winner or loser, ask yourself, "What do I feel like?" You should get your answer from that....

Spoken like a true winner, a champion, and revolutionary...

-Daryl Anthony Mitchell- EL