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Essay: "Winners and Losers"

by Charles Rodriguez
Winner or Loser- Pick Your Fate...

First of all, it's really amazing how many ways you can look at winning and losing. Sometimes when you lose you win, or vice versa. Although, not many people look at it like that- especially those of us who assume winning is everything. We know who we are without being told. I for one grew up wanting to always be a winner at everything, no matter what it may be. Sure is nice to win, but when you get older and more mature you find there are sides to it.

Losing has its sides as well, we know we don't want to ever see an upside to losing, after all losing means you failed right?! Not so my friends, sure it can mean that to some but losing also can have its lessons. You know not to do what you did to lose, understanding it takes more to succeed in accomplishing your goal. Or, of course, you could just accept it and be done with it.

Which brings me to this; many of you may not agree or like what I'm about to say but you have to sit and think about it and see where I'm coming from. You have some who leave prison and are right back for one reason or another. I've met some that were sent back because of how our President has things strict on us out on parole. The answer is to lock us up, sure that will do the trick. But, you have those of us who get out and stay out and in my book that's a winner. Those who just come back repeatedly and then complain about the food, the way he doesn't have any rights, etc. etc. You know who you are...that is a loser. You know what's here, yet you come and complain. Why? You knew what you were coming back to. This is my first time that I've been down since '89 on a 25 year non-aggressive and I have to run into dudes I seen go home twice. Amazing I tell you.

In my opinion, my friends, we all have a choice life to be winners or losers. It's up to you and you only. Reorganize your life so that the dangerous situations are not continually there. Pretending to be something you're not can have a worse effect than you think.

Thanks for you time...

-Charles Rodriguez