The journal of Bobby Burton

29 April 200

Dear Deceased@Living,

I am sincerely hoping that this will find you all well. To start this off, I must consider stating that the soldiers and people in the obituaries I've seen must better understand my point of view. Now I am a U.S.A. citizen who was born in California. People do not misunderstand when I state as such. I have a heart for people who are dead of such illnesses and living with such illnesses.

I must state that this is very important illness here in our country. I myself feel that it can be dealt with; just continue accepting help from your doctor, with instructions to your meds and health, like jogging and other activities that will allow yourself to survive the disease that has caused much death in this country. To the best of my knowledge, you can survive such illnesses so long and more. Nobody accurately knows how long you can. So stay strong! And continue to fight the illness. This journal entry basically concerns my motto: “I live for the deceased and the living.” Thank you for reading this because now you may feel the same! (First journal entry complete!)


Bobby B.

29 April 2009

Letter to Rome

I really sincerely hope that this letter will some day arrive to the man who is considered Pope Benedict XVI for one reason. I have others, but this is concerning one death notification, and if you could understand, I had just chosen your card of becoming the Pope. I have many thoughts of being able to communicate with you some day to make a change in the world.

You may have answers I can only rely on. I do not know exactly when the time will come, but the seven churches will be able to sense me coming; possibly, you will also. Maybe from the northwest you will feel a difference; possibly from the southwest; you may know more about me before I touch the grounds of St. Peter's tomb. The water of the Mediterranean and fish and all below may be your secret communications till that day comes. I will be in one body with known unusual scars. I am noticeable in a tan body, but you will know -- only you -- when I finally enter, because you have entered such rooms holding such gifts, notifying you of strangers of such considered race. Maybe he's closer to you than you think.


Bobby E. Burton, Sr.

P.S. My thoughts for today -- proofread, check of vocabulary on 5.5.09

29 April 2009

Dear Classmates of the past,

I sincerely hope this finds you all in the best of health and great spirits. I am writing to let you all know I did think about you people, brothers and sisters. I can remember all the times we shared together. I just have one thing to say to you all: stay strong and continue to take care your self and well-being.


Bobby Sr.