The journal of Antonio Shelvine

1 July 2008

I woke up this morning just to watch the sunrise and get a peace of mind. One never realizes what it is they miss until they cannot grasp it anymore. What do I hold dear in life? My mind is always in deep thought; I just hope it's for the best!

5 July 2008

As fragile as a frozen flower, but gentle as a summer morning breeze, how does your life revolve around pain, why do you settle for less, where you can have so much more, if you're happy then so be it, you'll never know love until you first learn to love and understand yourself.

10 July 2008

I wonder if being kind-hearted in this place is weaker for some, it is the basic nature of a human to want to help another, but to face wolves everyday is not very productive.

12 July 2008

I always try not to look backwards, but I also try not to make the same mistakes as before, the more I look towards the sky the more I am beginning to see the clouds moving out the way for the sun to shine.

15 July 2008

You know it's funny how people beat around the bush on subjects that make them nervous, instead of just coming clean and saying what it is they want, a close mouth never gets fed and a lovely heart never tends to heal, if you never take a chance.

18 July 2008

It's funny how everyone is talking about change and how people look at things, but maybe we as people need to be more together and not so much against each other, you can only look through life with your eyes, and I see us causing more pain than joy to each other.

21 July 2008

It funny sometimes how blessings come for some people, I always try my best not to abuse my blessings and be thankful for all that come my way. Please don't let me fall short and please don't make me ungrateful.

24 July 2008

I play with my little girl to help me forget about a lot of things because her smile is worth just that much, I never thought that when I hurt me, I hurt other's too.

27 July 2008

How can one try to teach others and stay focused himself, to the closer to home I get the more I want to give what I have learned maybe someday it will benefit so I'll keep looking forward.

29 July 2008

I always look inside self for the answers to all my problems and I striving to be focused, but everything must have a purpose.

31 July 2008

How does one intrigue your interest without saying a word, fear leads us nowhere but to death, in order to get results one must take chances.